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Module 1 - Supervision
This module introduces the FOUR MUSTS of managing people, the function, roles and responsibilities of manager/supervisors, how organizational structure impacts line and staff relationships, and how leadership relates to motivation of employees.

Module 2 - How to Work with People
This module deals with the relationship between leadership and communications and how each is applied to performance and development reviews. The module also addresses how to lead and manage the introduction of change.

Module 3 - How to Get the Work Out
This module addresses the leader’s role in planning and controlling work goals and work priorities, determining and managing employee job focus, work and personal problem solving, and time management techniques.

Module 4 - Employee Selection & Training
This module focuses on the role of the manager/supervisor in leading the hiring process, identifying needs, using adult education methods for the areas of orientation, coaching, training, and, finally, implementing positive discipline.

The Legal Responsibilities of a Supervisor
As a supervisor/manager you represent your employer and have a key role in ensuring that your work, and that of the employees you lead, is in compliance with both company policies and employment legislation.